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New Tenant Application Process

1.THE APPLICATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETE AND ACCURATE. Full information must be provided for every occupant age 18 or older, along with a copy of current driver's license or other authorized photo ID. Vehicle descriptions must include make, model, description and license plate number.  A photo of any and all pets must be provided with the application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.


2.   In most cases, a married couple will require only one credit report ordered, usually on the primary breadwinner. However, if they have been married for less than a year, BOTH must have credit checked and pay a separate fee. Unmarried couples or roommates will each require a credit report and separate fee.


3.    Verification information must be completed in full for current and past residence and for employment.  NO application will be approved without these references, and all phone numbers will be verified.  If phone numbers provided are non-working, consideration of the application will cease until valid, verified numbers are provided.  Our process includes credit, rental, criminal and employment history.  If it is determined that false information has been given as part of the application, consideration will immediately be terminated and the application denied.  Past evictions are a cause for denial, and rental pay history will be strongly considered.  If we approve an application despite finding negative considerations in any of the approval areas, we may require a higher security deposit.


4. Fees: An application fee of $45.00 is required plus a $5 processing fee, for each single adult applicant or married couple; a credit report will be obtained, employment and previous rental history will be checked, and criminal background checks will be completed.  Driver’s license or photo ID MUST be provided for every adult occupant (age 18 or over).  Criminal background of all occupants age 18 or older will be checked, whether or not their credit is ordered.  Photos of any pets are required with application.  The application will not be processed if incomplete or application fee is not received.

Selection criteria


Credit Score


Amount of Rent





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