What Others are Saying About Us...

Current and past clients, tenants, investors -- even our "competitor friends" among real estate professionals -- all appreciate the personal and professional service our company is known for.  Here are a few of the nice comments we have received from some of the good folks we've worked with:

"My goal is to do many, many more transactions with you!  I so love working with professionals -- you guys are the best!"
L. Kubalik, Re/Max Agent

"Thanks for all the help with the Grand Prairie place.  It really has been a Godsend getting connected with y'all."
K. and B. Roberts, Owners and Property Management Clients

"Thank you so much for your help.  We know you and your staff are very nice and trustworthy people."
V. Phong, Owner and Property Management Client

"Your cooperation throughout our stay has been outstanding in every respect.  We were very fortunate to have you as manager of the property, and will always regard you with deep respect and appreciation."
C. and I. Durant, Former Tenants

"Buddy, I wanted to thank you and your wife for the great service that you guys provided as landlords.  Thanks again."
C. Byrd, Former Tenant

"Thanks, Buddy!  You have handled the sale of two of our houses, and we wouldn't even consider using anyone else.  One of the sales was very complicated, and we were pleased that you handled every detail and we didn't have to mess with it.  You and Judy have been a great friend to the City and schools in Grand Prairie, and we've never heard anything but praise for both of you.  We would highly recommend you to anyone!"
D. and C. Knight, Sellers

"I've lost track of the number of houses Buddy has helped me buy and sell for my investment portfolio over the years.  I consider him a good friend and "my" real estate agent."
L. Stefka, Investor (Sale, Listing and Rental Client)

"Thank you very much for your help in the purchase of our new home.  We appreciate your hard work and effort, as well as your expert advice!"
J. Vernon, Buyer

"Buddy, we appreciate all you did for us in the sale of our home on Huddleston, as well as the purchase of the new home.  There is so much paperwork involved, and we trusted your expertise and integrity.  We will highly recommend you as a real estate agent!"
Benny and Glenda Page, Sellers and Buyers

"WOW!  What an effort you made to be sure we got that deal done.  Thanks so much from the sellers as well as this agent.  If only our profession had more agents like yourself!"
B. Fry, Re/Max Agent

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you've done in keeping us informed and in taking care of our property.  We've not always had the best experiences with property, and knowing you're taking such good care of it is extremely important to us."
T. Carritt, Owner and Property Management Client

"You sold both our houses before you had time to put out a sign -- and you got us more than we expected!  Great record!  Thanks for everything."
B. Burnaugh, Seller

"Thanks for all you are doing for us.  We know it will be done right!"
B. Heywood, Seller, Owner and Property Management Client

"Thank you so much for your professionalism -- your service is outstanding!"
K. Bland, Former Tenant

"I am very pleased with your services.  You and your company take care of business, and that is what it's all about."
B. Grasso, Seller, Former Property Management Client

"I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to resolve our issue.  With so many of the houses in our neighborhood turning into rental properties it is nice to know that your Real Estate Services are doing everything in your power to keep this neighborhood as nice as it can be."
B. Scharlau, Neighbor to one of our managed properties

"Again, thank you for going above and beyond.  You and your company have been a lifeline."
A. Tamrat, Seller, Former Property Management Client

"Thank you both for all you do, and HAVE done for me -- I really appreciate it.  Thanks to you both.  You are wonderful people!"
M. Williams, Former Tenant

"Thank you so much for your help again.  In the future if we invest in proprety in Dallas we will look for your service again."
V. Phong, Former Property Management Client

"Thank you so very much, Stacy. We will always keep in contact with you for our Realtor needs and refer anyone we know."
T. Brown, Former Tenant

"If anyone should ask for references regarding your services, please give them my name, telephone number and/or email address!  I cannot express how grateful we are!"
M. Draper, Tenant

"You have been a wonderful landlord and helped us every time we have had a problem.  We hope you will be able to help us find another house, you and your company are wonderful."
W. and A. Hickock, Former Tenants

"Here is the renewal to manage the property I have entrusted to you.  I am very pleased with the way you have handled the management.  Also I thank your wife for the patience she showed me when I had questions."
J. Powell, Property Owner and Management Client

Buddy White
Buddy White