Working and Playing Together as a Family
We have worked together as a family since Buddy first enter the real estate profession back in 1970 -- and yes, those very young boys did get their first work experiences by cleaning rent houses, painting walls, and learning to renovate and repair properties!   We learned a lot working side by side, including two opposing facts:  it was hard to work with family....and it could be fun!   Mostly, we could call it "satisfying," because each of us felt we had a part in building the kind of company we could be proud of.   After all these years, we still think it's satisfying....and hard....and fun!

Outside of work, we spend a lot of our time together doing things we all enjoy.  We're all active in community projects, and we like traveling together.  One of our favorite spots to spend time is a family retreat on the Guadalupe River just outside of New Braunfels (and just down the road from Gruene).  Randy and Stacy grew up loving the "river house," as do all the four grandkids, and it's a special place for us to relax and "re-connect."

We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the ways we've created family fun along the way, whether at work or at play!                                                                                                                             



Buddy with his name in lights!
Celebrating Nikki's graduation at Babe's Chicken
Visiting a nursing home to celebrate the Christmas holiday


Buddy and Judy, Texans through and through!
Stacy serving his community
Cruising in Montego Bay


Our first cruise together - shore time!
NARPM's summer Party on the Brazos
Ride for the Wall, 2012


Buddy and Christian honored by Grand Prairie Demolay
Finalists for the Baylor School of Entrepreneurship's Texas Family Business of the Year!
Charlie with his fellow Eagle Scouts.


Stacy and his beautiful daughter Nikki
Floating on the Guadalupe River!
Leadership Grand Prairie Graduation

Buddy White
Buddy White