Tenant selection criteria for any of our properties will include factors such as criminal history, credit history, current income and rental history.  At the time of application, tenant will sign an authorization to obtain verification in those areas, and to contact references who may confirm the information provided.

An application may be rejected due to negative information in any of the four categories, or for including false or misleading information. Recent criminal activity or arrests for family violence or sex offenses, may be cause for refusal.  Past evictions may be cause for denial, and rental pay history will be strongly considered.  Credit history is important, but recent good credit with consistent employment and positive rental verification may override previous credit failures.  Acceptance of applicants with a Fair Isaac score of 550 or less or with no score provided will be accepted only with property owner's approval.  

Any pet to be kept on the premises at any time must be described in the application, and a photo provided.  All pet fees are non-refundable and not a part of the security deposit.  A pet that is indoors at any time is considered an indoor animal and subject to a higher pet fee.  Some owners will not permit any pet, either inside or outdoors, and in every case pets are subject to owner approval.  Any unauthorized pet is subject to significant penalties under the terms of the lease.

NOTE:  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Property remains on the market until a lease is signed and deposit received.  Landlord may continue to show the property to other prospective tenants and accept another offer until that time.  

FEES:  An application fee of $35.00 is required, in cash or money order (no personal checks or online payment), for each single adult applicant or married couple; credit report will be obtained, employment and previous rental history will be checked, and criminal background checks will be completed.  Driver’s license or photo ID MUST be provided for every adult occupant (age 18 or over).  Criminal background of all occupants age 18 or older will be checked, whether or not their credit is ordered.  Photos of any pets are required with application.  Application will not be processed if incomplete or application fee is not received.



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