School District Information

The Grand Prairie Independent School District boasts 41 campuses across the city,  serving just under 28,000 students in a diverse population.  Superintendent Dr. Susan Hill oversees approximately 2885 staff members, including more than 1660 instructional staff professionals.  GPISD serves the residents of Grand Prairie residing in the Dallas County portion of the city.

In addition to traditional campuses at every level, a growing number of choices are available to students with specialized skills or interests for individualized educational opportunities.  At the elementary level alone, parents will find academies for Fine Arts, Science and Math, Environmental Science, STEM studies, Leadership and Global Leadership.  Advanced and self-paced learning is provided for exceptional students in the new School for the Highly Gifted. An Early Education Center is located at the Bonham campus.  

Secondary schools of choice include Young Men's and Young Women's Academies, a Collegiate Institute, a Fine Arts Academy and HOPE Academy . Dubiski Career High School offers five pathways:  Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing; Arts, A/V Technology and Communications; Business, Marketing, Finance and Information Technology; Health Sciences Technology; and Transportation and Logistics.    Crosswinds High School was created to assist "at-risk" students or former students of all ages to obtain a Texas high school diploma, using individualized course scheduling, attendance sessions and completion dates, and a safe learning environment in a small campus setting.

Programs of choice within the more traditional campus settings include two Centers for Sports Medicine, a Center for Law and Public Safety, an Environmental Science Program, a School of Environmental Science and Technology, a Veterinary Studies Program, and a STEM Academy.  

More information about Grand Prairie ISD can be found by going to their web site, Be sure to check the "school and bus route locator" to determine which traditional campuses serve your home's address, and what transportation options are available.

Most of Grand Prairie's residents are within the Grand Prairie ISD boundaries. However, because Grand Prairie is a city that reaches into other counties or school districts, your home's location will determine which will serve your children's needs.  You may wish to learn more about the neighboring schools that maintain a few campuses within the city's boundaries or who serve Grand Prairie residents:

Buddy White
Buddy White