1.    THE APPLICATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETE AND ACCURATE. Full information must be provided for every occupant age 18 or older, along with a copy of current driver's license or other authorized photo ID. Vehicle descriptions must include make, model, description and license plate number.  A photo of any and all pets must be provided with the application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

2.   In most cases, a married couple will require only one credit report ordered, usually on the primary breadwinner.  However, if they have been married for less than a year, BOTH must have credit checked and pay a separate fee.  Unmarried couples or roommates will each require a credit report and separate fee.

3.    Verification information must be completed in full for current and past residence and for employment.  NO application will be approved without these references, and all phone numbers will be verified.  If phone numbers provided are non-working, consideration of the application will cease until valid, verified numbers are provided.  Our process includes credit, rental, criminal and employment history.  If it is determined that false information has been given as part of the application, consideration will immediately be terminated and the application denied.  Past evictions are a cause for denial, and rental pay history will be strongly considered.  If we approve an application despite finding negative considerations in any of the approval areas, we may require a higher security deposit.   


1.   We cannot accept cash payments. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE SECURITY DEPOSIT OR FIRST MONTH'S RENT.  (Certified funds,, or money order only.) Security deposits will be accepted online ( ONLY if made two weeks or more prior to move in date on the lease.  No Personal Checks, online payments or cash will be accepted for application fees. (Certified funds or money order only.)   A registered Cashpay card is available for use at area retail outlets upon request. 

2.     In most cases, the full deposit will be required with the lease before we can hold the property off the market. We DISCOURAGE splitting of deposits.  However, in rare cases and with owner approval, we may allow a minimum of half the deposit to be paid with the lease, with the balance to be paid no later than the date the second month's rent is due.  Second month's rent will be applied  first to the security deposit, and then to current rent; any remaining rent due at that time will be subject to full late fees under the terms of the lease.

3.     If a check or online payment is returned or placed on hold by the bank, NO future checks or online payments will be accepted from the tenant for rent payment.  Any returned NSF online payments transactions are treated under Texas law in the same way as returned checks, including responsibility for a returned check fee, full late fees to the date of restoration, and the potential for criminal charges if the payment is not restored within ten days.

4.    NO THIRD PARTY, PAYROLL, OR POST-DATED CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  No check will be accepted from any person for whom we do not have full application information on file.  Checks cannot be held for future deposit.

5.    Checks will not be accepted for late payments made after the 15th of the monthConsistently late payments may result in a requirement that payments be made only by certified funds. 

6.    Payments made by mail should be posted in time to be received before the first of the month.  Mailing date does not determine the date of payment under the lease; payments are NOT credited until actually received by us. payments will be credited at the date and time online payment is made.   Mailed payments received or online payments posted after the past due date (midnight of the third) will be subject to full late fees as described in the lease.  

Buddy White
Buddy White